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・ご予約日当日のキャンセルは【キャンセル料 3300円】頂戴しております。
当日の時間変更も同じく【変更手数料 3300円】発生致します




1.Our session includes counseling regarding our services (such as hair styling, and coloring), where our hairstylist asks a customer to accurately provide certain sensitive information (such as the conditions, details, and nuance of their hair), before proposing a style. Due to the need to avoid the risk of the finished look turning out to be different from the customer’s wish, our services are unfortunately not available to any customer who is unable to communicate sufficiently in Japanese, unless such customer is accompanied by someone who is capable of acting as an interpreter. Please kindly be advised in advance that our services are not available by use of a phonetic translation application, etc.

2.Our services are available only by reservation, and we cannot accept customers who do not have a prior reservation.